7 Reasons Tennis Players Choke in Matches

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Why Do Players Choke in Matches?

Do you have trouble performing as well in matches as you do in practice? Are you losing to players who you should beat? Or, do you get so frustrated after mistakes that it affects your game for several points?

Many players have asked me help them solve these mental game issues. And I’ve started to do this with my podcasts and videos at SportsPsychologyTennis.com.

If you are not playing to your real level in competition, your mental game is getting in the way of peak performance.

Knowing this is the easy part… The hard part is trying to find out how your mental game is hampering success.

Get this: If you are not getting it done in matches, you’re probably stuck in old, ineffective ways of thinking that hold you back.

Why would you play great in practice, but not in tournaments? I have seven big reasons to share with your today…

You might not perform as well in matches because:

  1. You want to win too badly, try too hard, and focus too much on results
  2. You are afraid to fail and thus tighten up and over control in competition
  3. You are too concerned with others’ opinions or not disappointing others
  4. You lack competitive self-confidence in matches and are overcome with self-doubt
  5. Your high expectations cause you to feel frustrated quickly after errors
  6. You focus too much on making perfect strokes and thus limit your ability
  7. The pressure of match time causes you to become anxious or tighten up

To play to your potential in competition, you must first understand how your mindset limits your game.

Here’s why: I take a different approach for all seven of the above scenarios when helping my students improve their mental game.

On another note… I promised more details today about my new mental toughness program for tennis players.

I’m gong to teach you how to overcome all the above mental game scenarios and more with my new program titled: Tennis Confidence: Mental Toughness for Tournament Players.”

You’ll learn the top eight mental game lessons for tennis players – the same lessons I teach my personal coaching students.

How will you learn my top lessons?

I’ve made it easy and effortless for you to improve your mental game.

You’ll download all eight sessions from my website to your computer:

  • Eight powerful 25-30 minute mental game lessons on MP3 audio
  • Eight tennis confidence workbooks to guide your through the lessons
  • Eight post-match tennis confidence assessments to measure your progress

As a bonus, you’ll also appreciate:

  • Eight prematch mental preparation podcasts to tune up your mind prior to matches
  • Prematch tennis confidence and mental preparation guide

Learn more about Tennis Confidence

Make sure you grab my tennis psychology report to help you stay focused between points and get weekly tips.

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We can help you uncover the beliefs and attitudes that keep you from performing to your potential.

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