Djokovic’s Toughest Opponent: Himself

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Preparing Mentally For Matches

Many tennis players are their own worst enemy when it comes to the mental game of tennis.

When you’re your own worst enemy, you beat yourself and critisize yourself for making too many unforced errors or mistakes on easy shots. You’re impatient about success, going for too much, too quickly. You try too hard to make it happen, rather than just letting it happen.

You might beat yourself up after mistakes and put too much pressure on yourself. In essence, you sell yourself short and don’t give yourself a chance to succeed. You show signs of fragile confidence and question whether or not you deserve to succeed.

Novak Djokovic said that he was his own worst enemy during the final of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. Djokovic lost to Andy Murray in straight sets.

“Yet again, I was, I think, the biggest enemy to myself. I was struggling again and adjusting to the heat. But I was really impatient on the start. Made a huge number of unforced errors, and he [Murray] was just playing very solid and waiting for his chances and serving quite well, moving all over the court quite good” said Novak Djokovic.

In order to become your own best friend, you must be patient and believe in your tennis skills.

The top players in the world make adjustments in their strategy based on the weather or court conditions.

The key to a strong mind game is to prepare mentally for any challenge you’ll face during a match.

If you anticipate a long match, you’ll want to know how to stay patient and react your best in that situation. You might think about what happens to your game when you start doubting yourself and how to shore up your confidence.

If you prepare mentally for any mental or physical game challenge such as heat or fatigue, you’ll feel confident that you can cope with it. I want my students to be proactive with the mental game.

If you’re not thinking positively on the court and are your own best friend, you give your opponent the advantage before you even begin the match.

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2 thoughts on “Djokovic’s Toughest Opponent: Himself”

  1. Hi, I have MAJOR problems with my mental game which has been affecting me for many years & is just getting worse, I don’t want to quit tennis; give up but my negative thoughts, worry in matches, frustration in training, anxiety about playing, fear of failure, nervousness before amd during matches, self doubt, lack of any confidence and belief, need to be a perfectionist, is all affecting my tennis & my life.

    I can never put myself up and say that I am great, and be confident. Over the years I have won a lot of junior tournaments and got to finals recently and I still don’t think I am good.

    I’ve got no physical problems but I still think there is something wrong with me. I hold my head down or to the side.

    I worry about results, rankings and compare myself to other players feel bad if they go well, hope that they go bad, are jealous.

    I think your website has a lot of great info. But I don’t know where to start. Or which order to look through stuff? Or what can I do.

    I am playing Future’s at the moment & as each week goes by I lose another match and my mind gets worse! Please can you help me???

  2. Yes, I can help depending on how you want me to help you. I have several options from personal coaching to a new tennis confidence workbook and audio program.

    Patrick Cohn

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