How to Exploit Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

Tennis Psychology

Learning From Watching Your Opponent

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A little known secret about winning tennis matches is that you should always take notice of what your opponent does from the moment you walk on the court.

Too many people are only bothered about themselves and what they are going to do that they miss vital pieces of information that will be vital in the upcoming match.

Before we move on and I get people yelling at me that they have heard so called “experts” say that you should only be concerned with what you are doing, let me say this:

Yes, of course you have to get yourself “right” and ready to play but tennis is not a sport like say… golf! Yes both sports do involve opponents, but their influence on you and the “contest” is totally different.

Here are my definitions:

Golf is a sport that demands that you play as well as you can on every shot, every hole and every round, with the indirect interference and influence of your opponent.

Tennis is a sport that demands that you do react to what your opponent does but there is a direct interaction between you.

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2 thoughts on “How to Exploit Your Opponent’s Weaknesses”

  1. I think this is very true, I often focus so much on what I am doing and forget about my opponent and their weaknesses. I often come up against players that seem to be better than me but have a weak part in their game such as their backhand, and I often forget to counter this.
    I know that attentional narrowing causes this but what else might be causing this to happen??

  2. Maybe not having a pre-match routine where you assess your opponent in the warm up and think about a game plan before you play?

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