Tennis Podcast: What is Tennis Psychology?

Explaining Tennis Psychology

What is Tennis Psychology

When talking about sports psychology for tennis players, I am referring to your so-called mental game or inner game of tennis.

What is the mental game of inner game of tennis?

Simply, how you think and react emotionally on the tennis court. I’m sure you have heard the concept about mental preparation?

Tennis psychology helps you mentally prepare for matches and play to your potential.

You learn how to:

  • Use your mind to play your best
  • Boost your confidence for a winning mindset
  • Focus your best in matches
  • Cope with mistakes and missed shots
  • Transfer what you learn in practice to matches
  • Assess your performance for future confidence and improvement
  • Cope with special situations such as comfort zones or sitting on a lead

Who is tennis psychology for?

Tennis psychology or mental training for tennis can help any tournament play perform up to his potential in matches – from juniors to professional players. I also help tennis parents instill confidence and success in their kids.

What does a tennis psychology expert do with players?

I evaluate your mental game using a mental game assessment and I devise a plan to help your improve your weaknesses just like an instructor would help you improve your weaker strokes.

What are some of the myths about tennis psychology?

  • Sports psychology is only for head cases
  • Sports psychology is for problem players
  • Sports psychology is for wimpy or weak players only

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