Overcome the Fear of Double Faulting

Focusing on the Serve You Want to Make

Are you the tennis player that tends to worry about double-faulting and thus go ahead and execute that double fault?

Confidence issues are one of the most common mental game challenges tennis players face. It is hard to battle questions in your mind while playing for competition. For example, “Will be able to make this service, or should I try a new style of serve?. In this week’s tennis psychology video, mental game of tennis expert Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from a tennis player who continuously worries about double-faulting and ends up double-faulting.

Dr. Cohn talks about how practice plays a significant role in building confidence. In addition, not getting ahead of the game is a factor that can help you stay calm in every service you will make.

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Tennis Confidence 2.0

Tennis Confidence 2.0

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