Tennis Mindset: Tap the Power of the Zone

All tennis players love the feeling of a well-struck shot. Those times when your tennis mindset is in the so-called zone, your mindset in tennis helps you achieve a heightened focus and perform at your peak.

Many tennis players who want to reach their potential are always in search of secrets to hop into the mindset of the *zone.* But getting into the zone is really not that difficult to achieve when the right mental game strategies are set into motion.

I will confess that it is difficult to enter a zone state EVERY time you compete. No one is perfect, but you can learn to develop the mindset of a tennis champion to help you get there more often!

What really is the zone? The zone is simply a mental state of total involvement in the present moment. You become immersed into the task of hitting one shot at a time. Another quality of the zone is that you lose the sense of time when you play.

So, if the zone is that simple, why can’t tennis players achieve this mindset every time they hit the court? Many of the top tennis players virtually do – like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, for example. But some players can’t enter the zone because they are overtaken by huge distractions such as fear of failure and worry.

The top tennis players know how to harness the mindset of the zone by using thoughts and images that have worked in the past to trigger a zone state. A tennis player joins her mind with the ball and court; the golfer becomes one with the club and the ball; and so on.

Getting into a mindset what will help you enter the zone may sound magical, but actually achieving this level of immersion is very simple. When you fully connect with a specific goal, such as serving an ace, attention is absorbed into that task only (the here and now only). Your mind is involved in the thoughts and images that help you execute a good serve only.

With a zone focus, worry, doubt, indecision, and other mental game or tennis traps are not allowed to enter your mind. When you are in this state of concentration, mental distractions are harder to take over your mind and you win the inner battle.

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