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Did Federer Psych Out Murray?

Foginini's Mental Game

Was Murray Nervous to Play Federer? Was too much read into his comments? Did he really psych out Murray with his comments? Did Murray play tight in the first set? Based on Murray’s first serve percent in the first set, you can conclude he played tight and controlled

Kim Clijsters Wins the Mind Game

Tennis Psychology

How Strong is Your Mental Game? Kim Clijsters was an unlikely champion at the 2009 U.S. Open defeating Caroline Wozniacki 7-5 6-3 in the final. After a long absence from the game, Clijsters returned to tennis with a new outlook and a new mental game for tennis. Her

Tennis Mind Game: A Clear Mind for Serving

Tennis Psychology

Mental Focus For Serving How many times have you stepped up to the service line without a target or type of serve in your mind? Maybe you were frustrated with your play on the prior point and rushed through your service routine. Or maybe you were too worried

Tennis Podcast: How to Win With a Lead

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Mental Game Tips to Keeping The Lead Welcome to session number fifteen of The Tennis Psychology Podcast. Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology for Tennis, is a mental game of tennis expert and helps tournament players, tennis coaches and parents improve confidence, focus, and composure using sports psychology

5 Tips to Improve Federer’s Mental Game

Tennis Psychology

How Can Federer Improve His Mental Game? What’s a better mindset for Federer that will help him win again against Nadal after his demoralizing, heartfelt loses in the Australian Open? I’m revisiting the psychology of tennis lessons we learned from the Australian Open finals. The momentum shifts of