Tennis Podcast: When Can Players Start Mental Training?

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In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers:

A question from a tennis coach who has a student that is 4 years old and wants to know if she can start mental training. She is an advanced tennis player but when things get difficult she breaks down.

Dr. Cohn gives mental game tips on how to improve composure in tennis.

Listen to this month’s tennis psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in tennis and other mental game barriers that limit your performance.

COHN: “We typically recommend to parents that you can start the mental coaching around age 8, which would probably be the minimum. Even at that age you want to start off with very simple ideas. We created a children’s book series called The Confident Sports Kid children book series. They are simple lessons that you can go over with your young athlete to help them deal with things like perfectionism, teamwork, confidence, and letting go of mistakes.”

“There are some things that you can do at this age now to help them later in life. It comes form the sports parenting side and the coaching side. In other words, we see a lot of perfectionists today in tennis and perfectionism has good and bad characteristics or traits to it. More so the bad traits is what is holding them back.”

Listen to the audio below to hear how Dr. Cohn would address this issue:

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