Are You Worried About Impressing Others

Many athletes feel pressure when they worry about what others think about them or badly want to impress others, such as teammates, parents, and coaches.

As a matter of fact, this is the number one reason athletes fear failure: They don’t want to let down others or feel embarrassed.

Watch this video to learn how to Improve your mindset in games.

Improve Your Mental Game with Expert Mental Coaching

Tennis Mental Game

Learn how to boost your mental game of tennis and develop the confidence of a champion quickly and effortlessly with tennis mental game coaching! If you’re not performing up to your potential in matches, most likely your mental game is holding you back.

Are you so frustrated with your performance you feel like giving up? Does your confidence evaporate when you play in tournaments? Are you tired of working hard in practice and not getting any results in matches?

We can help you uncover the beliefs and attitudes that keep you from performing to your potential.

You’ll learn proven mental strategies they teach to help nationally-ranked Junior tennis players get into the winner’s circle (see what players are saying below).

We have helped 1000s of athletes over the past 30 years to improve their mental toughness and get the mental edge.

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