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Just because you lost yesterday does not mean you will perform poorly today.

Even losing your last five matches doesn’t mean you will lose today’s match. The past event, on its own, does not dictate how you perform in an upcoming tennis tournament.

Nevertheless, if you recall, ruminate, and relive past matches where you completely unraveled, those thoughts and images will affect your confidence

In other words, reliving a mistake-ridden match will lower your confidence and hurt your performance in future matches.

Imagine you played in a tournament where you lost in straight sets. You couldn’t seem to find your serve and felt your timing was off. After the match, you couldn’t stop thinking about your serving woes.

The next tournament, you worried about a repeat performance. In this instance, negative thinking and anxiety will impact your effectiveness on the court.

However, the reverse is also true. When you spend time recalling or visualizing past successes, you will have more confidence heading into the next tournament.

Re-experiencing wins or past success is an effective method to build confidence and gain a mental edge for future performances.

The best part is that you have a choice in the matter. You can choose to relive mistakes that hurt confidence or replay successes that build confidence. Either way, memories have the power to influence the present.

Thinking about bad results, double faults, lost sets, or blown leads isn’t difficult. Adverse events seem to find their way into our minds constantly.

However, you can turn the situation by calling to mind positive tennis matches or visualization of past successes. Focusing on positive images instills confidence and prepares you to compete at your peak.

In the 2022 Davis Cup finals, Canada’s men’s tennis team beat Australia to win its first Davis Cup. Canada’s previous best showing was in 2019, when they lost to Spain in the finals.

Canada captain Frank Dancevic talked about the team’s confidence throughout the tournament and their belief heading into the final….

DANCEVIC: “Making the finals is always an amazing feeling, and I really believe in this team. We’ve done it before, we’re here again, and I believe we can win this, so we’re going to go after it tomorrow and give it all we’ve got.”

Using positive images and statements such as “We’ve been here before” sparks the belief you can do it again.

Make visualization a habit. Each night before bedtime, spend five minutes visualizing past successes. 

Immerse yourself in the emotion of the moment. Experience the confidence you had at that time. Reliving positive memories helps you build confidence.

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