Is Poor Focus to Blame for All Mental Errors?

What is The Cause of Mental Errors?

Many players have written me to help them improve their concentration on the court.

They say things such as:

  • “I make an unforced error and lose my focus.”
  • “I can’t concentration when I’m down in the match.”
  • “I drop a couple games because I lack of focus at the start of match.”
  • “I’m missing easy shots because I get distracted.”

What’s wrong with all these scenarios?

Most players (and coaches) often assume that a lack of focus is the culprit for their mental mistakes on the court!

But I disagree. In most cases, concentration errors are usually triggered by another mental game no-no…

Here’s the proof:

  1. Frustration causes a lack of focus because you are upset with something that just happened and can’t focus in the present.
  2. Lack of motivation or intensity cause poor focus because you are not up enough to focus at your peak.
  3. Tension, anxiety, or fear can reap your power to concentrate early in the match when not confident.
  4.  A lack of trust in your strokes can lead to missing easy shots and you assume that you just didn’t focus enough.

Too many times I see players assume their concentration is causing mistakes. In reality, a poor focus results from other things such as frustration, lack of confidence, and low trust in your strokes.

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