Tennis Confidence: A Formula for Success

Succeed in Tennis With Confidence

Tennis Confidence

Last week I posted about how to know when you need a mental game overhaul or just a tune up…

I wanted to answer a few questions players have about improving their mental game of tennis with my new “Tennis Confidence” Program…

Why is tennis confidence so important?

Doesn’t practice alone improve confidence?

Yes, practice should and does improve confidence. But despite a hours of practice each week, why do so many tournament players not bring practice confidence to matches?

This is why your match confidence is so important. To bring your top game to matches, you must carry practice confidence into matches instead of hoping to play well.

What theories do you use to help players improve their inner game of tennis?

One of my basic theories is this:

  1. Identify and discard expectations
  2. Perform with high confidence
  3. Set manageable goals.

I call this my formula for success.

Based on my work with athletes for over 20 years, I’ve discovered a “confidence-expectation connection.” High expectations (demands) undermine your confidence.

Do you give specific steps to improve my mental game in your new program?

My new audio and workbook program does this for you in a big way. I teach you eight steps in eight mental game sessions that you apply each week to your game…

You learn how to play without expectations, mentally prepare for a match, bring confidence to each match, focus under pressure, and assess and tweak your mental game after each match.

I know what to do, but I can’t take it to matches.

Can you help me apply what I learn about the mental game to matches?

I’m all about taking what you learn to match day. This is the most critical step in boosting your mental toughness.

My motto for helping players improve their mental game is: You start with awareness about mental barriers, learn the important mental skills, and then apply what you learn to matches.

What if I need additional help with my mental game after completing your new audio and workbook program?

You have two options here:

  1. I also provide one-on-one phone or onsite mental coaching for players.
  2. You can customize your program and include email coaching as an additional option.

Tennis Confidence: Mental Toughness for Tournament Players is so powerful it’s like having your own mental coach on your computer or IPod.

Tennis Confidence teaches you, in easy-to-understand terms, how to bring your most confident game to matches by using your mind to your advantage!

Jump over to and see how my new program can jumpstart or completely overhaul your mental game:

Tennis Confidence Audio and Workbook Program

Boost Your Self-Confidence and Focus with Expert Mental Game Coaching Tennis Mindset

Learn how to boost your mental game of tennis and develop the confidence of a champion quickly and effortlessly with tennis mental game coaching!

If you’re not performing up to your potential in matches, most likely your mental game is holding you back. Are you so frustrated with your performance you feel like giving up? Does your confidence evaporate when you play in tournaments? Are you tired of working hard in practice and not getting any results in matches?

We can help you uncover the beliefs and attitudes that keep you from performing to your potential.

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