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Five Secrets to Tennis Confidence

Tennis Confidence

How Can You Develop Tennis Confidence? Tennis is a mental game at any level. Superior talent and hard work alone don’t make champions. The top players in the game, such as Federer and Safina, win championships because they have a strong mental game. And one of the fastest

Is Poor Focus to Blame for All Mental Errors?

Tennis Confidence

What is The Cause of Mental Errors? Many players have written me to help them improve their concentration on the court. They say things such as: What’s wrong with all these scenarios? Most players (and coaches) often assume that a lack of focus is the culprit for their

Tennis Confidence: A Formula for Success

Tennis Confidence

Succeed in Tennis With Confidence Last week I posted about how to know when you need a mental game overhaul or just a tune up… I wanted to answer a few questions players have about improving their mental game of tennis with my new “Tennis Confidence” Program… Why is