Why Do Players Perform Better in Practice?

Why Do Players Under Perform in Matches?

Do you play like a star in practice or practice matches, but then under perform in competition due to a lack of confidence or poor focus?

In my new tennis confidence video series, I’ll discuss:

The top five mental game reasons tennis players under perform in matches compared to practice.

In today’s tennis confidence video, I discuss:

The number one mental game of tennis question I receive from tournament players:

Why can’t I perform as well in matches as I do in practice?

Watch the Tennis Confidence Video 1 to find out if the “academy mindset” is slowing your down during matches and some tips to help you overcome the training mindset:

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Players Perform Better in Practice?”

  1. Patrick,

    I’ve been teaching tennis for over a decade to adults with average abilities (no up and coming pros here), which are probably the most difficult type of students extant. Most of them play in a USTA league. and all of them are interested in learning to play better tennis, and as such are motivated.

    I was not surprised at anything in your video in the least. If fact in my hour and a half biweekly lessons, my assistant and I drill them for half of the lesson and have them play practice sets for the remainder.

    As an instructor with pretty astute observation talents, I cannot find anything in your first video to disagree with. Remarkable.

    TennisTom, 2-17-09

  2. Tom:

    Thanks for the comments. I didn’t say every tennis instructor would disagree. I just think many instuctors are more comfortable teaching stroke technique than tactics.

    Patrick Cohn

  3. Dear Dr.Cohn
    This video was an eye opener to implement a successful practice game to a match.

    I am coaching my 15 yr old son and do definitely hope that this will bring about the desired results.

    I look forward to the other videos too!

    Very grateful to you and with warmest regards
    Gopinath Puranic

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