Do You Have the Mental Strength of Novak Djokovic?

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Improving Your Mental Strength

What makes Novak Djokovic the number one player in tennis today? He certainly has all the shots, but what about his mental toughness?

Does he just have an incredibly high confidence in his ability?

Is he able to battle hard when he’s down in a match?

Does he find a way to win when not playing his best tennis?

Yes, yes, and yes! I think it’s all of the qualities and more that show his mental strength.

“Mental strengths? In these particular matches and circumstances mental strength probably plays the most important role,” Djokovic said after beating Murray in the final to win the 2015 Australian Open.

He has an uncanny ability to battle back when he is down in a match. He never gives up…

“In winning those matches, you need to be able to find that inner strength, mental, physical, emotional, especially when you’re down in the finals and when you’re playing a top rival,” he said.

Djokovic knows that you can’t be perfect for an entire match. You will miss some easy shots and lose focus from time to time during a match. But mental toughness can keep you in the match during those down times…

“It’s not always possible to be 100% concentrated for three and a half hours. But it’s important to keep going because you fall many times, but mental strength allows you to keep going,” Djokovic said.

Dealing with your emotions, tension, loss of focus, and long delays in play are part of playing a championship match. You have to prepare yourself mentally for these mental game challenges so you are ready for anything.

DJOKOVIC: “In the match like this a lot of emotions go through, a lot of tension. It’s not easy to keep the concentration 100% all the way through. There was this interruption with people coming into the court.”

When you lose focus, you have to get it back and not fret over losing your serve. When you miss shots out of frustration, you want to step back and regroup—have faith that your A game will return.

And prepare your mind to play tough opponents that play mind games with you. These are a few of the qualities that will help you play tennis with the mental strength of Novak Djokovic.

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