Angelique Kerber’s Improved Mindset

Kerber's Positive Mindset

Kerber’s Improved Mental Game

Last weekend at the US Open, Angelique Kerber was able to finish strong and win the championship match against Karolina Pliskova.

Kerber won in three sets, 6-3, 4-6 and 6-4, and became number 1 in the WTA rankings, dethroning Serena Williams from her spot.

Kerber believes her improved mentalgame and commitment to her team is what has contributed to her success this year.

She did have a reputation of being a ‘hot head’ due to the frustration she displayed when matches do not go the way she expected.

But after her big wins this year in majors, she’s change in her mentalgame, which certainly played a big part in her success in majors this year.

KERBER: “I just told myself, Okay, stay positive. Believe still in your game.”

Kerber was able to deal better with her frustration and over come her negative emotions. Having more confidence in her ability to comeback from behind in a match is a big part of her success.

What comes first? Winning or confidence? The chicken or the egg?

For sure, you have to make a commitment to change if your throwing away matches due to frustration, anger, or negative emotions.

As you learn to cope better with frustration and negative emotions, your overall confidence can improve.

An improved mental game and composure is a big source of confidence for many tennis players, especially when they are used to tanking matches.

Practice, commitment, patience, confidence and doing what you love are the qualities of champions…

KERBER: “You know, you have to believe in your dreams. You have to go with a lot of patience. Yeah, working hard. Just have a great team around you and really love what you are doing. This is when you do everything and everything comes together one day. I see it this year. I don’t know. I think I will show a few videos to my children in a few years, and just, yeah, I don’t know, just tell them, you know, everybody — just believe in yourself and do what you really love.”

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