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Tennis Podcast: How To Coach a Perfectionist in Tennis

Tennis Psychology Podcast

How To Handle Perfectionist Players In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from a tennis coach who says: “Many tennis players are perfectionists, a lot of times the coach cannot identify this mental game problem of the player.

6 Signs of Perfectionist Tennis Kids

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Signs of Perfectionism in Tennis Perfectionist tennis kids can often make tennis too complex. They can be over-analytical about their own performance, think too much, and worry too much about fixing mistakes. All of these mindsets cause tennis players to lose confidence and under-perform in matches even though

Perfectionism in Tennis and Fear of Failure

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How Does Perfectionism Effect Success? Perfectionism in tennis and fear of failure are closely linked. In this video I discuss: How perfectionism and fear of failure can hurt young athletes success and enjoyment in sports. Learn how perfectionism affects young athletes’ practice and their mindset in competition. Tennis parents