Tennis Psychology

Boosting Confidence in Young Tennis Players

Tennis Psychology Video

Confidence for Teens in Tennis In this tennis psychology video, you learn how to start the point out correctly so you are not giving your opponent the advantage. Many tennis players struggle with playing tentatively early in the match because of fear of making mistakes. It is important

How to Maintain Focus Early in Tournaments

Feedback Vs. Criticism

Stay in the Moment and to Focus Well How would you describe your ability to focus when you are playing in a big tennis tournament? Do you have the tendency to overlook opponents in the early rounds and worry about who you may be playing later in the

Boost Confidence Using Positive Memories

How to Focus in Tennis

Confidence and Visualization Just because you lost yesterday does not mean you will perform poorly today. Even losing your last five matches doesn’t mean you will lose today’s match. The past event, on its own, does not dictate how you perform in an upcoming tennis tournament. Nevertheless, if