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6 Signs of Perfectionist Tennis Kids

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Signs of Perfectionism in Tennis Perfectionist tennis kids can often make tennis too complex. They can be over-analytical about their own performance, think too much, and worry too much about fixing mistakes. All of these mindsets cause tennis players to lose confidence and under-perform in matches even though

Sharapova: How To Learn From Losing

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How Does Sharapova Deal With Losing? Winning is important for many tennis players. Winning can become so important that tennis players focus too much on winning during the match. Thinking too much about the outcome distracts players from the present moment and can be a source of stress. For example,

Expectations And The Mental Game of Tennis

Improving Your Mental Game

High expectations can sink young tennis players’ confidence. Let’s start with some definitions. Expectations are kids’ judgments about their performance, usually based on end-results or statistics. Confidence is athletes’ belief in their ability. Confident tennis players with a strong mental game of tennis do not place judgments on