fear of failure in tennis

How to Play Well Against Top-Ranked Tennis Players

Growth Mindset for Tennis

A Growth Mindset Will Take Your Game to the Next Level How do you fare against top-ranked tennis players? Does playing top-ranked players motivate you or intimidate you?  Playing top competition does not bring out the best in all tennis players. Many tennis players feel intimidated by top

Tennis Podcast: Fear of Failure in Tennis

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Overcoming Fear of Failure In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of Tennis Confidence: Mental Toughness for Tournament Players, answers a question from a tennis player who has a fear of letting himself down. His fears distract him from performing

Perfectionism in Tennis and Fear of Failure

Video of The Week

How Does Perfectionism Effect Success? Perfectionism in tennis and fear of failure are closely linked. In this video I discuss: How perfectionism and fear of failure can hurt young athletes success and enjoyment in sports. Learn how perfectionism affects young athletes’ practice and their mindset in competition. Tennis parents