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Tennis Concentration and Match Focus

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Increasing Match Concentration And Focus I’m often contacted by tennis parents and players about lack of concentration or focus during matches. I try to explain that concentration can be affected by various mental game or tennis issues. Yes, sometimes, you might lose your concentration during the match, but it’s

Tennis Podcast: Kids and The Mental Game

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Helping Young Athletes Understand Tennis Psychology Many young junior players today don’t understand the mental game of tennis and thus can’t apply its concepts. In this week’s tennis psychology session, you’ll learn: How to help young tennis players understand the concepts in tennis psychology. Dr. Cohn teaches you how to

6 Signs of Perfectionist Tennis Kids

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Signs of Perfectionism in Tennis Perfectionist tennis kids can often make tennis too complex. They can be over-analytical about their own performance, think too much, and worry too much about fixing mistakes. All of these mindsets cause tennis players to lose confidence and under-perform in matches even though

Tennis Psychology Video for Junior Players

Video of The Week

Helping Young Players Remember Mental Game Lessons I like the following tennis psychology video for two reasons… Coach Dinoffer talks about how competitive juniors can improve their mental game of tennis by using on-court reminds to be positive, smile, and play one point at a time. It is a great

Tennis Kids Just Want to Have Fun

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Motivating Kids in Tennis OK, my daughter – age 10 – and I were practicing this week to prepare for a local USTA tournament. I got frustrated one day with her lack of motivation and inability to focus during practice. My philosophy: Do it right or don’t do it

Tennis Parents’ Expectations for Juniors

Strategies to Push Through Fatigue in Matches

When doing sports psychology coaching for tennis juniors, I work closely with my students’ parents. Why? I want my tennis students’ parents to understand the mental game of tennis and how they can help tennis juniors’ confidence, not take it away. Tennis parents need to understand sports psychology too!