Tennis Pressure

The Real Culprit to Tension in Tennis

Tennis Psychology

Are you Playing Tense? Do your strokes feel controlled or tight in competition compared to practice? If so, I have an important tip for you today… I wanted to follow up with you on my last post by highlighting a recent question I received from a tennis player: Question:

Mind Game for Beating Weaker Players

Tennis Psychology

The Pressure To Beat Weaker Opponents Does your player get tight, tense, or worry about playing someone who she is supposed to beat? Many tennis kids I’ve talked to feel more pressure to win when they are supposed to win, others expect them to win, or when playing

Tennis Podcast: Play Freely Under Pressure

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Keeping Confidence Under Pressure Welcome to session number eighteen of The Tennis Psychology Podcast. Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology for Tennis, is a mental game of tennis expert and helps tournament players, tennis coaches and parents improve confidence, focus, and composure using sports psychology strategies. In this