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Djokovic: Lose Focus And You Lose the Set

Tennis Psychology

Staying Focused in Each Set Has a coach ever implored you to concentrate? Have you ever been told that you would be a better player if only you learned to improve your concentration? Have you ever been told exactly what concentration is or how to improve it? Most

Is Serena Williams a Perfectionist?

Get Mentally Fit for Tennis After a Layoff

“Practice makes perfect” is a common axiom in tennis and sports. We are bombarded by commentary on perfect games, perfect hits, and perfect serves yet simultaneously know that perfection is an unattainable ideal. Tennis coaches tell you to “strive for perfection” even though the consensus is this often

Did Andy Murray Beats Himself at US Open?

Tennis Psychology

The ATP ranks tennis players on a merit-based method used for determining qualification for entry and seeding in all tournaments. If you play enough tennis matches, you will eventually lose to a lower-ranked opponent. It happens to everyone, even the best players in the world, such as Murray