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Tennis Podcast: Emotional Toughness With Steve Moore

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Overcoming Mental Game Barriers In this week’s tennis psychology podcast eighty-one, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, interviews coach Jeff Moore. During his 23 year career at the University of Texas, Jeff’s Longhorn Women’s Tennis Teams won 2 NCAA Championships, appeared in 2 NCAA finals, advanced

Nadal Takes An Aggressive Approach in US Open

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Performing Aggressively in Tennis Before the U.S Open, ESPN tennis analyst Brad Gilbert stated that “a win in New York gives Rafael Nadal the best season ever by a man.” On September 12, Nadal did just that, becoming the first player since Rod Laver in 1969 to win

Trust: Mental Toughness for Tennis Players

Tennis Psychology

Trusting Your Skills in Tennis How much practice time do you think about technique and how to hit good shots? In Tennis Confidence video 1, I discussed the “academy mindset” and how young tennis players get trapped into a training mentality, which can lead to choking in matches.

5 Reasons Tennis Players Choke in Matches

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Why Do Players Under Perform? What’s the number one mental game skill tennis players want to learn about? According to my tennis psychology survey, you and other tennis players want to learn how to play as well in matches as you do in practice. I was not surprised…