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Tennis Podcast: Kids and The Mental Game

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Helping Young Athletes Understand Tennis Psychology Many young junior players today don’t understand the mental game of tennis and thus can’t apply its concepts. In this week’s tennis psychology session, you’ll learn: How to help young tennis players understand the concepts in tennis psychology. Dr. Cohn teaches you how to

Hewitt: Tennis Confidence and Momentum

Tennis Psychology

Powerful Mental Game Assets Tennis confidence and momentum is super important to your game and the most powerful mental game of tennis asset. Momentum can help you find your rhythm and win a series of games or points in a row- with superior confidence. When you have momentum,

Mental Game of Tennis Interview with Dr. Cohn

Tennis Psychologist

Tennis Podcast Interviews With Dr. Cohn Kevin McClure, Director of Tennis at Sport Fit recently interviewed me on the Tennis Podcast Show. Kevin and I discussed a wide range of tennis psychology topics and the importance mental toughness in tennis. Coach Keven asked some excellent tennis psychology questions about how I teach the

3 Reasons You Underperform in Matches

Tennis Psychology

Boosting Confidence in Tennis Many tennis players – junior, club, and professional – have asked the same question in my recent tennis psychology survey for players, coaches, and sports parents. So I need to clear up something… Several players want to know how tennis psychology strategies or the

The Inner Game of Tennis Mindset

How to Rebound After an Injury

The inner game of tennis is a wonderful lesson in sports psychology for tennis players. Timothy Gallwey wrote the “Inner Game of Tennis” many years ago and it was a groundbreaking book at the time in tennis instruction and sports psychology. You should read the inner game of tennis if

Mental Game of Tennis and Kids’ Confidence

Winning The Mental Battle in a Match

In my last article, I discussed the top five mental game of tennis confidence busters for tennis juniors. Why are these so important? It’s simple. Tennis juniors cannot achieve their potential without feeling self-confident. The top five confidence killers I touched on are: high expectations, perfectionism, self-doubt, negative feedback