Tennis Podcast: Stay Composed When Losing

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Keeping Composure When Down in a Match Welcome to session number nineteen of The Tennis Psychology Podcast. Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology for Tennis, is a mental game of tennis expert and helps tournament players, tennis coaches and parents improve confidence, focus, and composure using sports psychology strategies.

Emotional Control Leads Azarenka to Win

Tennis Psychology

How Dwelling on The Past Can Hurt Performance Tennis players can experience strong emotions during match play. Positive emotions, such as experiencing the thrill of hitting a winner can have a powerful effect on your mental game and thus boost your confidence and focus during the match. Feeling

Federer’s Mental Toughness and Maturity

Tennis Psychology

Emotional Control in Tennis I find that younger players with less tournament experience struggle with their emotional control more so that veteran players on Tour. With maturity and greater mental toughness comes increased emotional and mental control on the court. Even Roger Federer early in his career would

Roddick’s “Happy Medium” Tennis Mindset

Tennis Psychology

Staying Composed in Tennis Do you try to hit perfect shots and can’t handle imperfection during play? If you try to play a perfect game, you most likely sabotage your mental game with high expectations for your performance. Your high expectations can backfire and have a negative effect on