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Tennis Podcast: Playing Well With The Lead

Tennis Psychology Podcast

How to Protect Your Lead in Tennis Welcome to session sixty five of The Tennis Psychology Podcast. Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology for Tennis, is a mental game of tennis expert and helps tournament players, tennis coaches and parents improve confidence, focus, and composure using sports psychology strategies. In

Samantha Stosur’s Match Toughness

Tennis Psychology

Transferring Practice Skills to Matches Tennis players constantly work on improving their strokes. While that’s important, many players lose sight of the importance of match play. Players can gain experience and confidence from playing lots of matches. Match play allows you to work on your between point routines,

Winning The Mental Game Battle

How to Get into a Rhythm When Playing a Tennis Match

Why is Your Mental Game Important? Tennis is a mental game. You’ve probably at some point in your tennis career lost focus, composure, or had trouble regaining confidence and momentum during a match. If you’ve struggled with any of these mental challenges, you know how important the mind