Tennis Composure

Improving Confidence, Composure And Focus

Tennis Psychology Podcast

Improving Mental Game Skills in Tennis In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Isabella, who wants to become more confident, focused and calm on the tennis court. Here’s the question I received from Isabella: “What exercises can

Tennis Players Who Have Mental Meltdowns

Tennis Psychology

Maintain Emotional Control During Big Tennis Matches Maintaining composure and managing on-court emotions are necessary for optimal performance and enjoying the game of tennis. Managing emotions doesn’t mean you won’t get angry after a bad line call or a double fault. Emotions are a part of any competitive

Tennis Podcast: Keeping Composure After Losing a Close Set

Tennis Psychology Podcast

How To Stay Composed After Losing a Close Set In this week’s tennis psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, welcomes back Joe Dinoffer, a Master Professional in both the PTR and USPTA, a distinction awarded to only a handful in the tennis industry. Joe