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How To Overcome a Slump And Return To Optimal Play

Confidence Against Rivals

Overcoming Tennis Slumps Are you in the middle of a slump? Does it feel like you will never break the string of lost matches? Every tennis player has periods where their performance slumps. It’s a normal part of the game. But your attitude towards your slump will determine

Mental Toughness in Tennis: Lessons from Serena Williams

Tennis Psychology

Are You Mentally Tough? Can an injury help an athlete develop mental toughness? No, an injury cannot help you develop mental toughness, but learning to respond appropriately can help improve your mental game. When you compete, you must learn to overcome challenges and persevere. This helps you reach

Djokovic: Lose Focus And You Lose the Set

Tennis Psychology

Staying Focused in Each Set Has a coach ever implored you to concentrate? Have you ever been told that you would be a better player if only you learned to improve your concentration? Have you ever been told exactly what concentration is or how to improve it? Most

Rodger Federer’s Match Focus

Tennis Psychology

How Do You Know When You’re in The Zone? The zone is a state of supreme focus that help athletes perform at their peak when they become totally immersed into their performance. Athletes depict the zone in many ways, such as the driver merges with the car; the tennis