Tennis Mental Toughness

The Tennis Confidence Roller Coaster

Tennis Psychology

Developing Stable Confidence in Tennis Confidence can be fragile for many tennis players, which makes it difficult to have a strong mental game of tennis. What is fragile self-confidence in tennis? It means your confidence is prone to go up and down rapidly one point to the next

Sharapova: How To Learn From Losing

Tennis Psychology

How Does Sharapova Deal With Losing? Winning is important for many tennis players. Winning can become so important that tennis players focus too much on winning during the match. Thinking too much about the outcome distracts players from the present moment and can be a source of stress. For example,

Tennis Mental Toughness and Critical Points

Tennis Psychology

Staying Mentally Tough During Critical Match Points How well does your tennis mental toughness hold up during critical points during matches? During a close match when you need to win an important point, your mental game can determine your success or failure. If you tighten up, worry about

Venus Williams’ Winning Mindset for Tennis

Get Mentally Fit for Tennis After a Layoff

Venus Williams beat Elena Dementieva in three sets (6-4, 4-6. 6-3) at the Sony Ericsson Championships. Do you think your tennis mindset is important to tennis success? Williams’ does… Her victory was a result of her sound tennis mental toughness and positive mindset. No one can be perfect

8 Bonuses of a Strong Mental Game of Tennis

Tennis Psychology

Using sports psychology to improve your tennis performance might be the fastest way to boost consistency in matches for many junior, collegiate, professional, and club players. Your mental game can help you win matches given you have mastered all the strokes. What are the top advantages of improving your tennis