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Nadal’s Mental Toughness: Know Who You Are

Tennis Psychology

Do You Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself? I love the psychology of tennis during big tournaments. The momentum shifts of a final match, such as Federer and Nadal in the 2009 Australian Open, are so fun to watch. Most tennis fans see the shots and strategy, but

Does Perfectionism Cause You to Choke?

Tennis Psychology

Many tennis players who are perfectionistic about their approach to tennis choke under tournament pressure. Perfectionism can hold them back from reaching their potential because they become tight, anxious, and over-control their performance. Don’t get me wrong. There are some advantages of perfectionism such as having a strong

Mental Imagery Styles in Your Tennis Game

Strategies to Push Through Fatigue in Matches

Traditionally, mental imagery has been used by athletes to mentally practice motor skills outside of regular practice. It can also enhance your ability to perform motor skills in competition by improving focus; helping you make plans and develop strategies; and programming your body to execute tennis shots. Mental

Parenting Perfectionist Young Tennis Players

Often, we hear from parents who worry about young athletes who are hard on themselves, become easily frustrated, and take disappointment home with them. You’re likely familiar with these types of athletes. They’re perfectionists or athletes who display perfectionistic behaviors. Perfectionistic athletes criticize themselves for making mistakes, often